Modern Rugs

Introduction to Modern Rugs – Contemporary Weaving Craft

Modern and Contemporary RugsModern rugs constitute an exceptionally intriguing and complex category of custom rugs. Being executed in various styles and bearing miscellaneous designs, modern rugs elude easy classification. Sometimes, modern carpets marry centuries-old weaving techniques with contemporary aesthetic thought. This guarantees high quality and a look that perfectly matches current decorating standards.

Some modern rugs are executed in experimental ways. Craftsmen try to diversify weaves, materials, pile height, colors, and overall shape. Many such modern area rugs are made with participation or under the supervision of the world’s greatest designers. It results in unique modern rugs that can become the foundation for the décor of the entire interior.

A lot of contemporary artisans decide to stick to the well-established patterns, motifs, and colors and model blue area rugs on antique rugs. This way, customers get access to a selection of traditional-inspired modern carpets that perfectly mimic great antique floor coverings.

In a way, all modern rugs are a bridge between the past and the present – they are the fruit of the constant evolution of the craft that has accompanied men since the dawn of civilization.

Types of Contemporary Rugs

  • Abstract
  • Art Deco
  • Aubusson
  • Bold
  • Dhurrie
  • Dreamy
  • Flat Weave
  • Floral
  • Geometric
  • Contemporary/Modern rugs
  • Moroccan
  • Samarkand
  • Solid
  • Striped
  • Swedish
  • Tibetan
  • Traditional Classic
  • Traditional Today
  • Designer’s
  • Custom rugs

What are the advantages of modern rugs?


Fresh approach to design


New materials

Experimental weaves

High applicability in modern interiors

Modern Rugs

Traditional-Inspired Rugs

Due to sheer excellence of ancient artistry, some modern rugs are created in the likeness of antique or vintage carpets. This allows people to choose a traditional design without splurging on a well-preserved antique – a Persian Tabriz, a Turkish kilim, or a mid-century modern rug is at your fingerprints for a more affordable price. All modern custom rugs inspired with traditional designs made by us match the outstanding quality of antique rugs.

Designer Rugs

Modern carpet designs that come from the hands of renowned designers have a great dose of character. Such contemporary rugs are very often elements of a larger vision put in a certain context, thus, they may effortlessly be paired with accessories and furniture kept in the same spirit. Modern carpet textures and patterns may surprise even experts in the field. The creativity of artists and designers channeled into modern rugs proves that the custom carpet-making craft is growing stronger every year. Nowadays, a designer modern rug is usually a starting point for the decorator – it may even set the tone for the entire décor.

Contemporary Custom Rugs

Vintage rugs started the transition from opulent antique designs to modern minimalism, and a lot of modern rugs look very different from these created over 100 years ago. In the 20th and 21st centuries, solid rugs gained huge popularity (a modern solid rug is one that does not bear any pattern and is rendered in a single, usually neutral, color). A modern blue area rug, a modern gray rug, a black and white modern rug – they all belong to this state-of-the-art custom rug category. Thanks to versatility, lightness of design, and unobtrusive character, a modern solid rug is a perfect space definer. If rendered in a light, neutral color, a contemporary solid rug will also optically enlarge the space while bringing in a bit of warmth.